Online Blackjack

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Casino Games - Online Blackjack

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A very popular game that is easy and fun to play, the aim of the game is to create a hand that adds up to 21 or as close as possible without going bust, your hand also needs to beat the dealer to win or draw with the dealer to get your money back. When playing online Blackjack there are many different variations to choose from which also helps make it so popular.


How To Play Blackjack

If you have never played Blackjack before, like any game at an online casino it can be a bit confusing to start off with however we have put together a How To Play Blackjack guide that will help you get started and understand the order of play in the game of Blackjack. We promise you will soon be playing Blackjack like a  the pros and developing your own Blackjack Strategy.


Blackjack Terms

Like all other online casino games Blackjack has it's own terms, learning the Blackjack Terms makes it a lot easier for you to understand what is happening in the game and makes for a much more enjoyable game as there is less confusion.


Blackjack Etiquette

It always pays to be polite to the casino dealers and fellow Blackjack players so we have put together a Blackjack Etiquette section so you know when is the right time to place your bets and remind you a few things that can annoy your fellow Blackjack players. Although a lot of it is common sense you find some other interesting tips and bits of information regarding free drinks and more in our Blackjack Etiquette section.


Blackjack Cheating

When playing Blackjack online you can rest assured the game is being played fairly with no cheats, There are a few different was that a player can cheat in the game of Blackjack and this is eliminated in online Blackjack. Although all players are playing against the dealer (casino) it is good to know that your fellow players are not cheating and that the casino isn't cheating in any way. All online casinos listed on this site are regulated and monitored to ensure everything is fair. To find out more information on cheating check out our Blackjack Cheating section.


Card Counting

Blackjack is a game that lends itself to card counting although  card counting in a game of online Blackjack doesn't help a player  that much,  normally the full pack is reshuffled for each hand, Blackjack Strategy cards on the other hand are a much better way for a player to get more of an edge over the casino. Card counting is a skill though and if you become good at it you can always impress your mates with your new found skill.


Blackjack Tips

Many Blackjack players are always on the look out for tips and advise on how to improve their Blackjack game. Some Blackjack tips, like tips on anything else come in the form of bad tips and good tips and it is up to you to make an informed decision on the information you are given as a Blackjack tip.


Blackjack Strategy

The game of Blackjack involves the player making chooses at different stages through out the game, this means that depending on the cards your are dealt there is probability and odds in play that you can take advantage of by using what is known as Blackjack Strategy card. A Blackjack Strategy card is a card that tells you the best options to make depending on the cards that have been dealt at any given point in time. Playing to a strategy card is also known as playing a perfect game.


Blackjack Rules

As there are a few different variations of Blackjack there are different Blackjack Rules depending on the version you are playing, however the good thing is, the rules manly apply to the dealer (casino) and are written on the Blackjack table. To fully understand the game of Blackjack and make it more enjoyable we advise you read our how to play Blackjack article and also make sure your up to speed with the basic Blackjack rules which all variations are based on.