Blackjack Rules

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Casino Games - Online Blackjack

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Blackjack Rules

There are many different variations of Blackjack available to play both online and offline in land based casinos, in this part of the website we shall take a closer look at the Blackjack rules of the most popular Blackjack games.

Be aware as mentioned these Blackjack rules can vary from venue to venue, but all of them will be clearly listed on the Blackjack table where you are playing, it is important you understand these Blackjack rules fully before you sit down to play to ensure you get maximum value out of every Blackjack session you take part in.

Blackjack Rules - Standing a Hand

You can stand your Blackjack hand once you have been dealt your first two cards or any further cards, Standing a hand simply means you are happy with the cards you are holding and do not wish to be dealt any further hands.

The Blackjack rules stipulate that you can only stand a hand if its total value is a total of twenty one or less, if it your hand has a value of over twenty one then you have bust and your cards and stake will be removed from the table and you are out of that one particular game.

Blackjack Rules - Hitting a Hand

You can Hit a hand when it is you turn, Hitting a hand simply means you are going to be dealt an additional card or cards if you hit your hand more than once. You can continue Hitting your hand until you reach a total of twenty one.

If you Hit your hand and the additional card brings the total value of your hand to over twenty one then you have bust, your cards and stakes are removed from the Blackjack table and you are out of that particular game.

Hitting a hand is free of charge and as mentioned you can keep Hitting your hand until such a time as you are happy with the hands’ total or you go bust (over a total of twenty one)

Blackjack Rules - Doubling Down

You may be allowed to Double Down your wager on certain Blackjack games, what this means is that you are doubling your initial stake and by doing this you will be dealt and additional card.

There are several Blackjack rules regarding Doubling Down a wager and these will be clearly listed on the casinos’ rules page or on the Blackjack table itself.

Blackjack Rules - Splitting

If you have been dealt two cards that are the same i.e. 2 x Kings you may wish to Split them, what Splitting means is that your two cards are separated into two new hands (one card in each) and you are then dealt another card to each hand.

If you do Split a hand you will need to place a new wager on the new hand formed, which has to be equal too the initial wager amount. Sometimes you are permitted to Split a hand more than once, see the game play rules of the game you are playing for further instructions and Blackjack rules regarding this type of wager.