Card Counting

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Card Counting

Card counting has made a small number of people very rich indeed, this is due to Blackjack being one of the only casino games that, when played using a good card counting system, is beatable

The logic behind card counting is that once a playing card has been dealt out to either the Dealer or the Players then that card is gone, and by working out which cards are still in the deck a good card counter can use this information to his best advantage.

We should point out however that any plans you may have of becoming an instant millionaire by card counting online will not be possible, due to one simple reason, the cards in the deck are always shuffled fully before a new hand is dealt!

That said you can still count cards at a land based casino and we shall now take a closer look at how this can be achieved and put into practice.

How to Count Cards

This may fill you with dread but really once you have a Blackjack strategy card you will be amazed at how quickly you know and learn how to handle any hand you have been dealt when faced with any Dealer card or cards.

Next you need to play many thousands of hands and double check your results, once you are 100% confident you know the basic Blackjack strategy you can then learn the count.

The first thing any savvy card counter should do is get himself a Blackjack strategy card for the Blackjack game he is about to play and study it inside out and back to front until he knows how to play every single hand dealt

Card Counting - The Count

You can only perform a correct and accurate card count once the Dealer is using a freshly shuffled deck, it is no use performing a count once the deck is already in play and cards have been dealt, so only perform a card count on a new deck or shoe.

You will start your count at zero, so before the first card has been dealt your running total in nil, next keep track of the cards dealt, and once you see a five dealt out you need to add one to the current count total.

Every time an Ace is dealt out to either the Dealer or a Player then you need to subtract one from your running total.

So for example if 4 x 5’s have been dealt out along with 2 x Aces then your current count is as follows 0 +1 +1 +1 +1 -1 -1 = 2.

When your current count total is zero or less then bet your flat stake wager, if it is not zero or less, then you need to double the flat stake wager and then multiply this by the count amount.