How to play Blackjack

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Casino Games - Online Blackjack

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How to play Blackjack

Playing Blackjack is one great way to have both fun and entertainment in a casino, but before you sit down to play you need not only to know the rules inside out but also know how to play Blackjack!

If you are new to this fantastic casino card game then you have come to the right place as we will now enlighten you on how to play Blackjack, so in no time at all you will be sitting down playing, and who knows Lady Luck may be smiling on you.

How to play Blackjack - Stakes

Every Blackjack table has a small sign on it, this sign will let you know both the minimum amount you can wager on each hand and the maximum amount you may play per hand for.

The table stakes and limits can vary greatly from casino to casino, so make sure you find a table that has a modest limit, a good tip is to work out how much you have to play with, divide it by 50 and use that as your stake level.

By doing this you will have enough for at least 50 games and that should give you a good session, in reality you will get to play more than fifty games as you are going to win several hands at least, well you should do!

How to play Blackjack - Buying Chips

When you first find a seat at a Blackjack table you will need to purchase chips to play the game with, simply place your banknotes or coins onto the Blackjack table and alert the Dealer that you wish to purchase chips.

He or she will then count your cash, and place a pile of chips onto the Blackjack table, get it verified, usually by the Pit Boss, then hand you your chips.

How to play Blackjack - Playing the Game

Directly in front of you on the Blackjack table you will see a box, this is where you place the amount of chips you wish to play the game for, be aware you can only place your chips here once the last game has ended.

Once all players have placed their chips onto the Blackjack table the Dealer will then commence dealing out the cards, sometimes these are dealt face up to the players and sometimes face down.

You then simply check your cards and the aim of the game is to get as close to a total of twenty one as you can or beat the Dealers total, so if you have 19 and the Dealer has 18 then you win.

If you have the same total as the Dealer this is called a push and the game will end in a tie for you and you will get to keep your stakes. If you are dealt an Ace and a ten valued card ( Ten, Jack, Queen or King) this is called Blackjack hand and will get you a payout of 3 to 2. If you beat the Dealer with any other hand then you are paid out at Even Money.

How to play Blackjack - Betting Decisions

There are several different betting decisions you can make when playing Blackjack and these are covered in our betting rules section.