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A Look at Some of the Top Casino Games Providers

January 21, 2019 11430 0
A Look at Some of the Top Casino Games Providers

This is by no means a complete look at the hundreds of casino game providers on the market.  What you’ll find here are some of the top casino games developers and some of the most popular.

Microgaming Slots: The Leader in The Casino Software Industry

Since 1994, Microgaming has been one of the world biggest and best casino software game providers. They are located in the Isle of Man, and they have created more than 800 games in their history, with over 1,200 diverse variations. Keeping the market fresh and constantly innovating their products, they release new games each and every month. They have a mix of both licensed and proprietary content to choose from. They are able to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the industry and have grown to be bigger and better than ever.

Things changed in 2005 when the online casino world went into overdrive.

Games needed to be able to be played on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. They rose to the challenge and ensured that their customers were satisfied with their products and that they met the demands of the modern day world. Though they say that their numbers don’t define them, one of the biggest online bingo wins was generated by their software. The winnings were for £5.88 million. They also set a record for one of the largest online slot winnings of all times. This win was for a lump sum of €6.37 million. The progressive jackpot network is one of the largest in the globe. They have paid out more than €465 million to date, and they continue to add to that amount daily.

Though they have achieved great feats in their tenure, they are not in it for the glory. They care about the gaming industry and the players who depend on them. They are the founding member of the e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance board. They also set up the Interactive Gaming Counsel. They set the standard for other companies when it comes to responsible gaming. It’s true they have accomplished much, but they always make time for charitable contributions to their local community. The company is especially interested in areas concerning health, sports, and education. They created a charity known as Play It Forward where Microgaming gives money to the less fortunate.

Slam Dunk Basketball Game is complete with a cheering section on the sidelines and hip-hop tunes playing in the background, the 5×3 reel slot has rolling reels. The Wild Shot bonus feature can allow two reels to run wild. If and when this happens, it will guarantee a win. The maximum multiplier is 10 x and it can also trigger up to 25 free spins. Though this game may sound exciting, it is not the only game they are releasing this month. They also released So Much Sushi, So Many Monsters and So Much Candy on November 4th. Keeping ahead of the competition is what makes them the global leader.

Microgaming is an excellent place to work. Not only do they have the charitable nature that allows them to reach out to their local community, but they also treat their employees really well. Their mantra is to look after each other. They are one of the few companies in the world that provide free lunch for all their staff members. Their foods are professionally prepared and have a hot and cold variety. They celebrate each employee’s birthday with special treats for each at the end of each month. They also are dedicated to a healthy work environment. They deliver fresh fruit to the office every day and have an on-site gym with professional trainers that come in to assist the employees to stay healthy. The not only work hard together, but they play hard too. The environment is light-hearted and fun for all.

Their recipe for success is easy. They use a little bit of art, some mathematics and then sprinkle in their vast experience and it’s a recipe for success. Their recipe is created by some of the most creative cooks around and they only use the best technologies to make their creations drip with imagination. As a pinnacle of their industry, they have developed numerous games that have been award winning. They have created software in numerous languages, which includes Adobe, Java and, HTML5. Their games can be played on Mac, Windows, Android and any iOS systems. It doesn’t matter what the requirements, they always have the solution.

Those who have high-speed broadband connection have the ability to play their games using optimal settings. Even those with machines that don’t have these high connections can enjoy the same games but using a different technical output. The players receive the same gaming experience regardless of their system or experience. It’s no wonder that Microgaming is on top and has been for more than a decade.

Net Entertainment

NetEnt is best known for its digitally shared casino structures and games. They are used by some of the industry’s most prominent operators and their success is widely known by many in the gaming world. They take pride in knowing that their relationships with their customers are based on trust and innovative solutions. With these first-class gaming products and services, you can enjoy the classic and exquisite casino games.

NetEnt is a complete gaming system that features over 200 games. The games that NetEnt provides are distinguished in the gaming industry and are known for their high entertainment value. They strive to create the most innovative and maximum experience for the player. Netent takes pride in knowing that the business is built on a natural passion for gaming and innovative advancement in technology.

NetEnt has been investing in its products and growing since 1996. The business invests in the quality and commitment to their products, ensuring that each gaming system is up to the utmost digital gaming standards. NetEnt is known to be internationally present, where they employ talented employees to pursue the best gaming experience possible. Their headquarters are based out of Sweden.

NetEnt has a mission and vision statement which is very clear as they set their goals for the future. Their vision is to increase the digital casino market and make the gaming solutions ultimately better. Their mission involves creating value for their products by providing the best technology enabling the ultimate experience in entertainment.

NetEnt has most definitely grown throughout the years and expanded their business. While doing so, they’ve invested in the most up to date technology and ensure that their employees have the necessary tools and experience to keep up with the advances. The market for casino systems has grown tremendously allowing NetEnt to invest in their employees, technology and the market even further. By monitoring, planning and developing the market for casino systems, NetEnt stays on top of the ever-growing field.

The group of talented employees has worked hard to ensure that new games are added to the market every month. With the high-quality graphics and engaging storyline, the games attract much attention and have been known to have a positive impact on each player. The games that are offered have a wide range of expandability and a huge selection, offering something for each and every player. All games are tested during a three month period to test for quality and assurance. This ensures that each game is credible and in a working function. This is their way of working the bugs out of each component.

NetEnt is growing very rapidly and fortunately has the team to keep up with each every change in technology. While NetEnt provides impeccable security for the player and an unforgettable experience, there are many technological advances that happen behind the scenes.

From across the world, NetEnt is investing in every single keystroke by each employee by enhancing the player’s satisfaction. NetEnt provides their financial reports in the press release forum, which allows the investors to see the growth first hand. By following their press release sight and news page, you can be assured that this company will be around for a long time, proving the experience that each player expects.

NetEnt has given man suppliers the opportunity to provide the best gaming systems and experience for their players. This premier company has dominated the world of gaming and continues to create the best casino games on the market with enhanced innovative technology and amazing graphics. This is most definitely one of best companies on the market for casino gaming. The services that they provide are impeccable and the options that they have for each gaming experience is of the utmost value and satisfaction.

They are a premier, world leading company in the casino market for gaming, and value each and every piece of data and character that goes into the making of these unique technological pieces. Since they are worldwide, they have the ability to offer many casino gaming experiences that are unique to each individual. You can see that NetEnt has many positive features and offers a massive, extensive list of casino games that are in the market. You can rest assured that your gaming experience with NetEnt will be once in a lifetime, and you will be satisfied with your choice of casino market games.


PlaynGo is a leading veteran in gaming software development. The Swedish company was launched in 1997 and later expanded operations to a Hungarian office. They offer a vast array of products that have been proven to be reliable to gaming businesses and their customers. Operators from around the world have made PlaynGo a top choice in casino software.

The research and development team of PlaynGo have nearly 20 years of software experience that has gone into their various products, platforms, and user-friendly back-office tools. No matter what type of game that a casino wants for its customers, PlaynGo has it. With this technically- advanced software, casino customers have the option of downloading games to their own media devices or playing them right on the casino site.

One of the perennial favorites of casino players is slot machines. PlaynGo features hundreds of slot games. If players want the classic Vegas slots, there are plenty of them with fruit and gemstones. PlaynGo also offers some of the most popular themes in movies and television for video slot enjoyment. All of the slot machines in the various software feature vivid graphics and sound.

Table games are another specialty of PlaynGo. Casino players who love roulette can choose from various styles such as American, European, French, and multiple wheels. Poker enthusiasts can try their hand in casinos that feature PlaynGo’s video poker games. The games are available in several languages for the convenience of the casino’s clientele. Casinos that use PlaynGo’s software and platforms can customize the lights and sounds of the games. Each game has easy-to-follow rules and wagering limits.

One of the most popular venues for online casinos is live gaming. Operators who use PlaynGo software have the option of setting up live table games for their customers. Players enjoy the ambiance of a friendly, live dealer while playing their favorite games. It makes people feel like they are actually in Los Vegas or Atlantic City.

Players who love bingo and jackpots won’t be disappointed. There are several variants of bingo, scratch cards, and jackpots that casinos can offer to their players. PlaynGo platforms can be integrated into the operator’s platform and can be played on computers, smartphones, and mobile devices. Players can play some of their favorite games on the go.

Another hallmark of PlaynGo products is their Gaming Administration Toolkit.

It was developed to help casino operators optimize their businesses. This back-office suite includes reporting and statistic tools, transaction supervision, customizable platform construction, and tools for loyalty programs, bonuses, and tournaments.

PlaynGo has been licensed for years through the UK and several other European and Scandinavian countries. The company holds fairness and security in gaming as one of their top priorities. When casino operators choose PlaynGo software, they can be assured that their customers can play fair games and make transactions safely. Whether it is for a land-operated casino or a popular online casino, PlaynGo has the software that will keep customers coming back for more.


Quickspin Loves Slots

Quickspin is the most aptly named company in the world today. They are a Swedish firm that specializes in creating video slot machines, and their motto says everything any player needs to know about them. Quickspin loves slots. This is a company that has taken over a niche market that is populated by other companies who focus on games other than slots. Quickspin has chosen to narrow their focus to only the slot machines that they love, and they continually put out games that people love to play. This article explains how Quickspin was born, how it operates today and which games are forthcoming from their collection.

Quickspin Rides The Line

Quickspin was founded by Swedish developers who wanted to ride the line between free social games and the online gambling arena. There are Quickspin games all over the place, and players encounter Quickspin on many different levels. Some players are playing Quickspin games on social media during the writing of this article, and those games are completely free to their players. There are other players in the world today who are betting massive amounts of money on Quickspin slot machines, and Quickspin is making quite a lot of money from these players.

The Founders

The founders of the company come from Unibet and NetEntertainment. These three men came together to make their own gaming company without worrying about what their superiors had to say about their game designs. Starting their own company gave the founders the freedom they needed to create the games they wanted to play, and the founders were able to use their influence to create better games for their customers. Some companies only target the free or paid market, but Quickspin tackles both markets.

The founders were equally interested in creating games in the slot machine area only. These three men have a lot of experience creating games in other formats, but the three decided that slot machines were a good niche market to dive into. These three men have created the best slot machine developer in the world, and the slot machines created at Quickspin are changing the way other developers create their games.

Casino Saga

The latest news from QuickSpin is a deal with Casino Saga to offer all its current and future games to the casino. Casino Saga is creating new games for people who love to play at Casino Saga, and Casino Saga will open up the market to Quickspin entirely. Quickspin will turn this contract into a new business, and their revenues will rise quickly.

The Games

Quickspin has a number of different games in their catalog, and each game is slightly different in its approach. Quickspin loves slot machines, but the company does not create the same slot machine over and over. Quickspin has developers working around the clock to make each new slot machine its own game.
Razortooth, Illuminous, Crystal Queen, Titan Thunder, and Hidden Valley are just some of the games featured by Quickspin, but these are the big five featured on the homepage of their website. Players who want to get a taste of what Quickspin is all about should try these games before moving on to other titles in the catalog.
Previous Deals

Quickspin is expanding as fast as it can in the online gambling market. The company recently signed deals with BetVictor and Vera&John. These online casinos will give Quickspin an even larger audience, and Quickspin is fast becoming the most popular name in online slot machines. Their singular focus on slot machines allows the company to sign contracts with new casinos all the time, and these new deals are making Quickspin the only name that everyone is familiar with in the slot machine world.

How Is Quickspin Different?

Quickspin is located in Sweden where the education system is amazing, and life is a little it slower than it is in other parts of the world. The creators of the games in the Quickspin have time to relax after work, and each game is carefully curated by people who live a calm lifestyle. Players can see the difference because each new game is not forced onto the public scene before it is ready. Players get the perfect version of each game the first time.

Quickspin is a name that people may not know today, but nearly everyone who loves slot machines has played their games. Quickspin continues to innovate and push the industry forward while working only in the slot machine market.

Other casino game developers include Playtech, Betsoft, 1×2 Gaming, Nextgen, Playtech, and others.


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