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/ / Canadian AGLC Seeks Offering Online Gambling in Alberta

Canadian AGLC Seeks Offering Online Gambling in Alberta

January 26, 2019 10466 0
Canadian AGLC Seeks Offering Online Gambling in Alberta

The province of Alberta’s AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis), is looking forward to getting a share of the online gambling revenue, much of which the illegal foreign operators are benefiting. The AGLC has submitted an RFP in search of a contractor that will be able to provide it with online gambling services that would allow the commission to stay relevant to Albertans and to provide a safe and a legal online gambling option.

The Canadian ALGC Seeks Presence in Online Gambling

The Spokeswoman of the AGLC Angelle Sasseville stated in an email that the lack of an internet gambling presence results in outing the residents of Alberta at risk, when it comes to online gambling. The reason behind that is that the foreign offshore operators that are not regulated do not provide the players with any tools for responsible online play.

The RFP stated that the offering of an online gambling option that is safe and regulated to Albertans will assist the organization in sustaining long term revenue. It will achieve that by offering gaming entertainment through a new channel, which will respond to the entertainment and consumer trends. The RFP also stated that by providing a legal online gaming solution, it would prevent minors from participating in gambling, unlike offshore and unregulated options. It will also make sure that the winnings get into the hands of players who can play responsibly.  The AGLC intends to offer casino games, poker games, and lotteries as well, online. The document also showed that having a presence in the online gambling scene will assist the AGLC in protecting its 1.4 billion dollar revenue stream from gaming.

The AGLC’s RFP is Not the First of its Kind

The attempt to find a contractor is similar to the fruitless effort that the AGLC carried out four years ago, under the previous PC government.  At the time of the last proposal the head of the AGLC, Bill Robinson insisted that the move towards entering online gambling was not related to the falling price of hydrocarbons.

Today, Albertans spend more than 350 million dollars in bets on unregulated websites. The statement by Angelle Sasseville, also wrote that on the other hand, it would be difficult to forecast the financial impact on the revenues. The potential providers will have until the end of the month to submit their proposal, and then the AGLC is going to choose its contractor in June.

The AGLC is hoping to have its online gaming sites operating effectively by the summer of 2020, under its proposed 7-year contract. The effort of joining the online gaming world comes in the heels of a significant regulatory foray by the AGLC in response t the nation-wide legalization of recreation cannabis, last October. Since that move, the organization has been selling marijuana online and distributes it to private sellers. So it seems that Alberta is quickly catching up to the rest of Canada, including Quebec, Manitoba, and B.C, whose governments are already operating internet gambling sites.

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