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Corporate Headquarters
Pinnacle Office Park
85 Epping Road
North Ryde, NSW 2113
Tel: +612 9013 6000



Aristocrat Leisure Limited commonly known as Aristocrat is an Australian public company headquartered in Sydney suburb of North Ryde. The company has development and marketing in the United States, Japan, South Africa, and Russia. It does most of its research in its North Ryde site. It has created a strong brand name and has made a great impact on gaming machine manufacturer in Australia over the years and is one of the biggest manufacturers of slot machines in the world. The company was established by Len Ainsworth, the chairman of, Ainsworth Game Technology.

The company’s first machine was formed in 1953 and was indexed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1996. The company is now licensed to disburse slot machines and other gaming products in more than 200 jurisdictions. Aristocrat mostly specializes in developing non-downloadable soft gaming concept. The company also develops mobile casino games that are currently available from the App Store. Their most common mobile casino games include Wicked Winnings 3, Dragon Emperor™, Geisha™, 5 Dragons™, Imperial House™, Firelight, and Miss Kitty. The company targets using bold and colorful graphics to portray pokie themes.

This takes the players on an adventure while relishing the experience of non-stop action on the reels. One of Aristocrat’s most popular and iconic games is the Queen of the Nile Legends. It is many ways better than the slot games. The game integrates the original Queen of the Nile game and the all-new Queen of the Nile Deluxe that characterizes all latest gameplay. The Classic version of each game is the same version that has been in casinos since the game was released, having identical gameplay and the same graphics. The Deluxe version offers expanded interactivity with a solid Triple Standalone Progressive Jackpot portrait and stacked symbols.

Additional Aristocrat Contacts

NSW Fax: +612 9013 6200

SA +61 8 8273 9900
QLD +61 7 3801 4444
VIC +61 2 9013 6762
ACT +61 2 6126 3800


B.G.I. Australia Pty Limited
Suite 202 Level 2, 3-5 West Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060
ABN 57 060 808 773
Phone:+61 2 8920 8977
Fax:+61 2 9956 5099

Bally Casino Game Development

Bally Technologies has been in the business of casino game development for years. After its foundation in 1968, this company was initially known as Advanced Patent Technology. Eventually, the company was acquired by the Bally Gaming International, and henceforth, it became the Bally Technologies.

Even today, Bally is known to offer some of the best-quality gaming software and features. The games from this technology company feature bright graphics, entertaining music, beautiful symbols, and amazing mechanics. Some of the online casino bonus games from the Bally Technologies offer amazing payouts, exciting bonuses, and state-of-the-art game layouts.

These games are available for both online and downloadable version. Players can download these games on to their mobile devices and computers and enjoy playing. Some of the popular games offered by the Bally Technologies include Cash Wizard, the Love Meter, Vegas Huts, Fireball, and the Golden Pharaoh.

Other functionalities of the games from the Bally Technologies are the social sharing option, which is surely a great feature of these games. Some games also include GPS-enabled locators and offer players an option to make a choice of music. Bally company has also introduced many slot games for the casino floor. At present, the company is a renowned mobile technology provider and a popular app maker.

These downloadable apps can offer unlimited entertainment and excellent gaming experience to the players. Some of the other apps from this company include map finders, surveys, room bookings, and preview applications. All apps from Bally Technologies are Android and iOS compatible.



Ash Gaming
Fifth Floor,
61 Southwark Street,
London, SE1 0HL
United Kingdom


Ash Gaming

Ash gaming is one of the most interesting game development companies on the market today. The company entered the casino industry in 2000 and they are committed to providing high-quality games to their players. They are currently one of the leading suppliers of betting games. Next-generation slot games are one of the biggest parts of Ash gaming’s business and their games are having a major impact on the whole slot industry.

Ash gaming has long been a pioneer of new and exciting features in the world of slot games. Their games have added new and exciting features that have changed the way that world of slot games work. Some of the features that Ash gaming has added in the past few years include more frequent payouts, storylines, and unique bonuses. Many of these new features were considered to be surprising to industry professionals and are now considered to be standard features on most games.

Ash gaming also prides itself on providing some of the most high-quality graphics and audio on the market today. They are constantly improving the way their games look and sound in order to keep players coming back for a new exciting experience.
One of the best games on the market today is Alice’s Wonderland, which is built around the world of Alice in Wonderland. This unique game from Ash gaming has allowed players to experience the storyline of Alice in Wonderland with beautiful graphics and audio.

Ash Gaming has changed the world of casino gaming forever by constantly pushing for innovation and excitement in everything they do. They will continue to innovate as they build themselves into being one of the best casino companies around.

Additional Ash Gaming Contacts:

TEL: +44 (0)207 633 3570
FAX: +44 (0)207 117 3276



56 Lansdowne Place
Hove, East Sussex
BN3 1FG, England
TEL: +44 (0) 330 330 9021 (sales)

1×2 Gaming

1×2 Gaming was first created in 2003. Although the company has well established itself in the market, somehow the name remains unrecognizable to many gamers. The reason for this may be that their selection is still comparatively small. They are headquartered in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom. 1×2 Game supplies both online gambling and sports games and onsite gambling and sports games to both virtual and physical casinos everywhere. In particular, its specialty is the sports games at which it excels.

1×2 Games is known for several things. They are well known for their humor. In fact, the humor aspect is so rife in its games that its games often seem too immature to older players. That is partly why they have found a larger market among young players. They are also well known for having browser-friendly games. That means that players don’t have to download the games. They can just play it on their browser. Although there are not a lot of new innovations in the games themselves, the ease of access to the quality games makes us for it.

1×2 has recognized its problems and is seeking to bring new innovations to the gaming table. It is seeking to delve into innovations in racing and adventure games. In the meantime, players can fully enjoy and participate in among others, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Sic-Bo, and Texas Hold’em. As mentioned, although at present there are few innovations, the games are top quality with excellent graphics. Just wait and see. The best is yet to come.



106 Old College Street
Sliema | SLM 1377
Tel +356-996 251 04
Email CEO

Yggdrasil Games

Operating out of Malta, Yggdrasil Games produces games that stand at the forefront of modern interactive numbers-based gaming. By the numbers, their games catalog is chock full of video slots, though their catalog does boast a number of keno, scratch, and lottery games. One of the hallmarks of their work is innovation; they often implement hooks and options for operators that make their games unique like the recent promotion “Super Free Spins,” which gives operators great liberty to distribute free spins to players.

Yggdrasil was born out of an enterprising desire to ride the wave of ever-evolving online interactive gaming in its local and in global regulated gaming markets. Out of that desire, they have produced a little over 4 dozen different games to date and are forecasting more for future development.

Many of their featured and popular games, like “Draglings,” present a visually stunning two-dimensional aesthetic with enticing Day-Glo color schemes and realistic sprite shading reminiscent of psychedelic outer space adventures or the titillating glow of a strange undersea creature. Draglings and many other games like it in their portfolio not only feature their signature look but have a well-developed feel that goes far beyond the lackluster video slots of the average neighborhood watering hole or dime-a-dozen gaming site. The game themes often carry over from visual presentation to implementation of the game’s mechanics. In Draglings, for example, the slot board is played with dragon eggs and vibrantly-colored dragon whelps, whose matching and subsequent multiplication open up to free spins and other entertaining game elements that keep players coming back for more.



3401 North California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618 USA
TEL: 773-961-1620
Fax: 773-961-1234

Williams Interactive

Founded in 1943, Williams Interactive, or WMS as it’s known as today, stands as proof that some things only get better with age. Originally known for being one of the three biggest producers of pinball machines during the “Golden Age” of pinball, Williams Interactive has changed along with the times and has found its way among the top of casino game development. With facilities operating in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Williams Interactive is able to serve their customers in any part of the world with the greatest of ease.

One need only look at one of the many slot machine games that WMS has developed to see their unique creative innovation that used to fill their pinball machines. The imaginative designers at WMS have made it their mission to ensure that no two slot machines are alike, which is no small task for a company that produces games found on over twenty major casino sites. While they may not specialize in creating games that are in 3-D, they do create a unique style with their simple yet captivating imagery that is sure to make any slot player smile as they are granted a higher frequency of winning and bonus rounds.

This straightforward yet enticing style can be seen in their highly acclaimed slot machine based on The Wizard of Oz. This game utilizes classic imagery from the movie along with the euphoria that only a flashing slot machine can give a gambler. With over seventy-two years of experience, it should be obvious to everyone how Williams Interactive has secured its spot among the best in casino game development.




Topgame – Casino Game Development

Topgame is the official provider of Slots, and a provider of a Vegas-style experience through their mobile applications. The company is based in Beijing, China and was founded by graduates of Tshinghua and Yale Universities. The founder, Le, was selected as one of China’s top 30 entrepreneurs under 30. Many love the highly addictive gameplay which Topgame’s games are known for. The company seeks to constantly improve their games and stay ahead of the digital technology curve when developing new products.

Games by the company include Farm Slots, Slots Casino, Titan, and Bingo Bingo. The games are completely free to play and use 3d graphics to enhance the player’s experience. The slots use a fast-paced tumbling reel to ensure that players have more fun during their experience of playing the slot games. The company typically uses an adventure theme for all of their slot games as customers enjoy playing new games which can enhance their experience.

Farm Slots offers a bit of an adventure theme, in that players can grow and customize their farms. Once orders for produce are fulfilled, then the player can collect new coins to play with. These coins can be used to play a slot game with, and winning slots means that the player can purchase more equipment for their farm. There are also plenty of bonuses which can be yours when playing the slot game. Other items in the game for purchase include helicopters, tugboats, and a concession stand. This game is a lot of fun and can be very addictive for players. Out of 8,522 Reviews, reviewers have given this game an average score of 4.2 out of 5.



Rival Casino

The casino game development company Rival had their first big break in 2006 at GiGse, the Global iGaming Summit and Expo. The company was also developed by Black Chip Ltd. which was located in Cyprus. Rival has over 160 unique games that can be played over a vast amount of different platforms, including mobile gaming which was added in 2014. Most of the games found in the Rival online casino are a form of slots, either 3 reel or 5 reel.

The majority of these are 2D and revolve around a specific theme. Each game has its own defined style, but there isn’t an overall graphical choice connecting all the games. Rival also has traditional tables games such as roulette, blackjack, and a few different forms of poker. These games are 3D and have a more coherent graphical style. Rival’s new mobile games are mostly slots or blackjack, all 2D with a few 3D elements.

The company also has a specialty gaming section for bingo, keno, Sudoku, and scratch cards. The majority of these are also 2D with a few 3D accents. I-Slots is currently the most popular type of game being played at Rival. These games are similar to typical slots games, however, they are story-based and similar to soap operas.

As the player continues to play, more of the story is told. There are a little over 20 I-Slot stories and each game is 2D. Rival has also created a “Casino Controller” feature which allows players to set up the rules for their own, semi-custom casino games. Rival plans on making more game compatible for the mobile platform over the next few years.



Fernkorngasse 10/2
top floor (A501a)
1100 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43-1-523 74 25
Fax: +43-1-523 74 25/50


Rabcat is a promising new online game company that has originated in 2001 in Vienna. Rabcat is the creator of Casino game applications in the iGaming industry. They have created a wide range of games which include casino table games, pokies, and video poker. They also produce a lot of 3D games that have their own trademark. Their games are easy to pick apart from games produced by other companies.

One of the games that they have produced is called River of Riches which is centered on an ancient tale that describes a river that is far below the ground. The river is made of gold. Many people that have searched for it have died in their search for the golden river. The reason that the golden river has gotten its name is that there is not even one drop of water in the river. There is just liquid gold. This game has Free spins, wild symbols and scatter symbols. There are also plenty of potential paying combinations. River of Riches has 5 reels and is a premium slot. The main draw of this game is that there are plenty of instant win combinations that the player can achieve.

Rabcat has plenty of other games that have revolutionary video effects and the sound effects are also crisp and impressive. Each of their games has a wonderful atmosphere that will keep the players interested. They have also released games in collaboration with Microgaming. Rabcat continues to make impressive casino games which entertain and reward the players.



Quickspin AB
Birger Jarlsgatan 58
4th floor
SE-114 29
Stockholm, Sweden


Quickspin is a hotspot for gambling lovers! Working with the most cutting edge technology in the business, this gambler’s paradise is where it all begins! We have games that are filled with action, animations, and lights! One new game to hit the floor is called the Illuminous. This amusing pastime is popular for its number of respin features. These respins have the option of kicking off two or more reels that are loaded with wilds! Receive three wilds and you get a bonus!

Quickspin is a Swedish game studio. This organization has been in business for many years. Quickspin’s ingenuity for games and gambling sets them aside from all the rest! This firm is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Targeting online gambling and social gaming space, the company has been successful sometime now. Its expertise is delivering triple-A video slots with beautiful artwork, style, and sound.

Decisions are made every day between companies in order to advance and promote their product. The SKS365 Group is a gaming company from Austria, being founded in 2009. This company has one million registered users. Planetwin365 is one of the top brands within this company. Such a decision was made by Quickspin and planeywin365. Planetwin365 is a gaming operator, dealing primarily with online gaming. The firm is one of Europe’s most famous portals for poker, sports betting, and casino gaming. The firm has a network in Austria, Serbia, Belgium and many other places!

With this decision being set in place, there are no boundaries that this combo cannot overcome! Daniel Lindberg, company CEO, Mats Westerlund, VP of Products, Joachim Timmermans, VP of Strategy all feel that having the ability to overcome all obstacles is a pretty business proposition.








Playtech is a gambling software development company based in Douglas on the Isle of Man. It was founded in 1999 in Estonia by Teddy Sagi and has since become the largest supplier of online gambling software in the world. In 2006 Playtech became a public company when it was listed on the London Stock Exchange and then expanded into foreign markets including Italy, Spain and Serbia.

Starting in 2010 Playtech became a leader in the online gaming industry through multiple acquisitions including Ash Gaming, Virtue Fusion, Mobenga, and Intelligence Gaming. Playtech then bolstered its position in the online poker market in 2013 with the acquisition of, the largest poker community in the world. Playtech continued to grow in the following years with the additional acquisitions of Aristocrat Lotteries, YoYo Games, and Plus500.

The Playtech suite of programs includes poker, more than five hundred individual casino games, sportsbook programs, bingo games, video bet, lottery programs, social gaming programs, and mobile gaming. Playtech continues to add to their portfolio by releasing more than 50 new games every year.

iPoker, Playtech’s poker software, supports the largest online poker network in the world. The iPoker network includes approximately thirty different poker sites as of June 2015, including Boyle Poker, Titan Poker, and Bet365 Poker. iPoker includes nine different poker games and the fastest poker variation “speed hold ‘em.” The iPoker software features a customizable interface with different “skins” to provide every site in the network with a unique look. This skin system allows each site to utilize the same underlying interface and player pool while applying its own unique branding and color scheme. Each site also offers different signup bonuses, rake rates, loyalty rewards, and VIP programs.



Industrigatan 9
352 36
+46(0)470 – 78 88 51


Play’N Go

Play’n Go has an interesting history that is the perfect example of the capitalistic ideal. The online gaming company was formed in the mid 1990s by a group of gaming consultants who came together to go into business for themselves, to profit from their own gaming expertise. So they formed their own company. Since its founding day, its mission has been to simply create games that bring happiness and joy. In short, their goal is to always be at the center of online gaming entertainment. This in no suggests that Play’n Go is not a disciplined company. Rather, it is dedicated to perfecting its business. They have a strong goal to create very best that players not only enjoy but can always trust. To this end, the company is dedicated to remaining at the cutting edge of every advancing gaming technology.

Play’N Go refuses to stay in one spot, to always be fixed on the here and now. Instead, its sight remains fixed on the future of gaming. They have already delved deeply in smartphone and tablet game because they are certain those technological advances are here to stay. However, while moving into the future, the company will definitely not ignore the merchandise already created. It will always be committed to keeping its extant products totally ship shape. Companies that want to work with them can always be assured that the satisfaction of their customers will be guaranteed. They will always deliver the best that advanced gaming system technology has to offer.
Wiener Strasse 158
2352 Gumpoldskirchen
+43 2252 606-0


Novomatic Games

Novomatic was established in 1980, not only as a manufacturer but also as a distributor of gaming machines. Originating from Austria, Novomatic is the prime conglomerate of gaming corporations on the planet, with more than 20000 employees around the world.

Novomatic is also the largest land-based casino game company, serving over seventy different nations worldwide, with a turnover of over three billion pounds as per 2011.

Most of its traditional slot games are land casinos and online games which have witnessed massive success, particularly in Europe and other parts of the world. Some of its favorite games have also made the transition to online podiums.

In September 2011, Novomatic purchased the Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions (founded in 1998). Greentube has vast experience in the online casino gaming field, and has currently grown to become the market leading service provider in entertainment and online gaming market, and continues to break new grounds in the designing and supply of state of the art gaming products.

Major games

Novomatic boasts of designing some of the top-notch games such as Book of Ra which has an Indiana Jones theme- a very popular online game! Book of Ra is made up of reels and 10 pay lines, plus bonuses, scatter symbols and wilds. Other favorite games by Novomatic include Sizzling Hot and Lucky Lady.
The above games have enjoyed massive success than any other game that Novomatic has released.

Novomatic has shifted its focus on online slot games, of which there are over forty games available in various sites on the internet. Apart from this, players can find few skill-based and table games such as card games and roulette. The current number of browser games produced by Novomatic is eighty. There are also a number of mobile games available.


Sydney, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9964 9111


NextGen Gaming

NextGen Gaming was established in 1999 just when the world came abuzz with online casino gaming. Its main headquarters are in London but it has offices in Stockholm and Sydney. Every online casino gamer from any part of the world can quickly access their games because they serve a worldwide marketplace. Every casino gamer who thirsts for customized and the most recent gaming solutions will find NextGen Gaming a splendid resource.

NextGen also licenses a majority of their slot games to other online casino software companies. A casino gamer might be playing a game from another online avenue without even knowing that he is playing a NextGen game. Their games are not only very reliable to the operators, but they also deliver exquisite results to the one playing.

Every serious casino gamer knows about or might even have played Medusa, Doctor Love, 300 Shields, and Reef. These and other NextGen games are very popular because they are made of a balanced mix of features that include scattering payouts, free spins, bonus games as well as other additions. For instance, Doctor Love is about a matchmaker between a fat bald man and a beautiful woman. When playing, he offers gifts to the player for just helping in setting the ambiance for the date. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

This company has a great reputation because its games are mobile ready, unlike many other gaming companies. They also offer free games on social media networks like Facebook which proves that the company is dedicated to being versatile. Players also enjoy the optimum experience because all games are 3D with rich sound effects and multiple features.

The company’s award-winning software, its global reach and impressive catalog make it stand out from its competition. After all, every casino gamer wants a game that will intrigue while entertaining.

MGS House
Circular Road
Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 1BL
TEL: +44 (0)1624 647777
FAX: +44 (0)1624 647778


Microgaming Slots

Microgaming is one of the most influential names in casino gaming and they have made a lasting impact on the way the gambling world works. The company is run out of the Isle of Man and they currently have created over six hundred different games, these games run on Flash and they are designed around some of the most popular games in the world of gaming, like poker, slots, blackjack, and roulette. They are an industry leader because they are committed to excellence.

Microgaming has been an innovator in the industry for years and recently the company started adding mini-games into their most popular games. For example, the recently adding the mini-game Blazing Cannon to one of their most popular video poker games, Blazing Poker. These mini-games have given players even more reason to continue playing and have increased revenues for casinos, as well as increasing the enjoyment players get from the game. This commitment to add new features to their games has allowed Microgaming to stay one step ahead of the competition and become one of the most successful players in the game.
Microgaming is an industry leader in casino gaming and they are extremely committed to the success of their company. They have remained committed to innovating their own games in order to ensure the future success of their games, they also recently added several progressive jackpot games that are doing extremely well. These games encourage players to continue playing so that they have a better chance of winning big. As Microgaming continues to innovate they are sure to continue making some of the most interesting and exciting casino games on the market today.



1-7 Boundary Row
London SE1 8HP
United Kingdom
TEL: +44 20 8133 2907
FAX: +44 (0) 207 117 1220



iSoftBet is a large, global-wide supplier to online and mobile casino game companies. They are a certified for business in Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Alderney and are committed to helping the gaming companies in these countries reach their utmost potential. They have been so successful in Italy that iSoftBet was among the first gaming distributors in that country to have regulated markets with full platforms. The distributor’s platform is designed to maximize any company’s revenue while at the same time keeping things as simple as possible. However, iSoftBet is very willing and able to aid any company in the world in any situation. They are ready to aid any company of any size—even beginning casino operators. iSoftBet wants to help. They are committed to the ideal of successful gaming in every corner of the earth.

They are fully capable of working with the regulation of any protocol anywhere and in any situation. Far from being flippant about the many international regulations, the company deeply respects the many rules and regulations out there and is simply positive that it can always find a solution that will please everyone.

Their gaming technology has extended beyond the computer to optimum smartphone and tablet use. It is not only companies that have come to trust iSoftBet; players have come to trust them as well. In the eyes of many players, iSoftBet is the face of gaming quality and security. The company is extremely optimistic about its future and is committed to ever exploring new avenues in both technology and business.


Amaya Cryptologic
7600 Trans Canada Hwy
Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 1C8
Phone: +1 514 744 3122


Cryptologic (Acquired by Amaya) and now is the Stars group

Cryptologic was started in 1995 by two brothers, Mark and Andre Rivkin. The two brothers had initially developed a system that offered secure financial transactions via the internet. However, they had to design a way to put it into real action.

That is when they decided to venture into the online casino business that was still amateur at the time. Today, Cryptologic is one of the oldest online casino software manufacturers (provider), since its first software release in the year 1998.

Cryptologic casinos have heavy graphics that aim at providing an incredible experience. It simply means things such as triggering the movement of an avatar via a 3D- rendered casino interior to access casino games, although it applies to the games too.

It is with no doubt that Cryptologic games pack a massive entertainment punch than most of their competitors, but players who operate low-end computer systems may be taxed. Cryptologic also offers Flash-based games. Most casinos tend to incorporate them into downloadable games.
Although cryptologic supplies, millions of casinos with a wide range of games, its progressive and licensed slots are discrete highlights.

They signed up a marketing contract with Marvel, which eventually paid off with famous superhero games. This company has also manufactured some of the massive jackpots online casino planets. Cryptologic’s poker network is also highly respected, specifically for the game designers who invented tournament play.

Due to the original focus, it does not come as a shock that cryptologic boasts of its payment processing program as part of the package of online casinos called “Ecash Direct.” The system handles transactions in British pounds, US dollars, and Euros.



53 Frith Street
London, United Kingdom W1D 4SN
Tel: +44(0) 207 036 0771



Genesis Gaming

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Spring, Texas, Genesis Gaming continues to be regarded as the leader for all things poker in the casino/gaming world. As Genesis Gaming assists casino owners by providing them with state-of-the-art software enabling them to monitor tables and game tracking, the software affords many advantages to players as well. The gaming system’s three software components are Bravo Pit, Bravo Poker and Provo Poker Live.

In addition to the basic table and player monitoring, Bravo Pit system table coverings contain special sensors embedded in the fabric that affords easy surveillance of chip and card placement, as well as hand-in-play activity.

The Bravo Poker sector of the software enables instant evaluation relative to player history, dealer speed, and kiosk usage. At the conclusion of the game, removal, and replacement of chips, dealing shoes or discard area preparation can be executed by a mouse click

The third component of the Bravo Gaming system, Bravo Poker Live, provides a plethora of gaming data a finger swipe away on today’s ever-popular mobile devices. The Bravo Poker app facilitates the location of ongoing games, seating availability, table waiting lists and data relative to room management staffing. Among the many popular functions of the app is its capability to enable text messenger contact between players and casino staff involving table openings etc.

The year 2013 saw greater improvement as Genesis Gaming partnered with Living it Loving it Ltd., to further enhance services offered to gamers including the ability to pay with credit, debit and e-wallet systems. Players are also able to register for tournaments and to take advantage of money-saving travel and accommodation bookings.

At Genesis Gaming, the overall goal is to whether online or at a physical casino, to provide gamers with the world’s best gaming experience.


TEL: +44208 1334362



Leander Games

Leander Games is a Bahamas-based independent social gaming developer that focuses on Flash-based video games featuring high-quality 3D art and graphics. Leander’s library centers on virtual slot machines with themes based on science fiction, fairy tales, historical fantasy, and pop culture.

Each theme brings its own background, art, graphics. Gameplay is centered around the game’s title theme. For example, Little Red™ is based on the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood.” The main game focuses around matching tree stumps to allow Little Red to cross a river, along with other story-themed bonuses depending on what symbols line up. While older titles lack the detailed mechanics shared in recent releases like Little Red™ and Zombie Rush™, the concept of a theme supported by colorful backgrounds and music remains constant in all productions.

The company develops on its proprietary Remote Gaming Server (RGS) ‘LeGa’ platform, which supports 26 languages, ISO-4217 currencies and is accredited to AGCC standards by the SQS Group.

The company has received numerous awards, including a “One to Watch” Award from The Gaming Intelligence Awards 2015, Social Gaming Supplier of the Year from EGR in 2013, and a Best Games Award from Casino Meister in 2011.

Leander Games is headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas, with a sales & development office in Buenos Aires, Argentina and sales offices in Miami, FL and the United Kingdom. As of 2015, operators include Betfair, Full Tilt poker, Gala, Betsson, Casinoeuro, Betclic,,, Betmotion, Unibet, and SpinGenie. Distribution partners include iSoftBet, Whitehat, Snowcat, Every Matrix, Amaya, GTS, QF, and Openbet.

Company leadership includes Steven Matsell — CEO, Ramiro Atucha — COO, and Marcelo Blanco — CTO.



Luntmakargatan 18
Phone: +46 8 578 54 500
Fax: +46 8 578 54 510

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment is certainly not a new player in the casino gaming field. They are a bright star in the current and future gaming market. However, their origins go back a few decades. Net Entertainment origins are in Sweden. The original name of the company was Cherry and it was founded in 1966. The company was one of the most significant players in the casino game market, years before online gaming became popular. The company distributed slot machines to casinos in Eastern Europe for several years. They stopped supplying the machines to casinos back in the early nineties. The head of the company looked for a new way to keep the company profitable. In 1996 Pontus Lindwall re-invented the company and started Net Entertainment. They were the first successful gaming site.

The fact is that NetEnt games started the gaming action before the Internet was popular. Few people owned personal computers. The Internet was thought of as a place for study, communication, and research. It was not a place for entertainment or gaming. Gaming popularity grew along with the Internet. Net Entertainment was the first to provide online casino games. The players could play for real money. They were offered the chance to win millions of dollars. Today, Net Entertainment, with headquarters located in Malta and Sweden, remains one of the leaders in casino game development along with mobile game development. They are also known for offering a safe and secure environment for the players on their site.

Their games have enjoyed major success because of the visually appealing graphics, great sound, and innovative features like 3D graphics in video slot games.

Additional Info:

VAT: SE556532644301
Registration number: 556532-6443


Suite 19, 4th floor
Valletta Buildings,
South Street,
Valletta – VLT 1103
+356 21224481


Betsoft Online 3D Slots

Betsoft is an online casino software company that is based in Valletta, the capital city of the island of Malta. They specialize in developing casino games with 3D graphics and the company has been focused on developing games suited for mobile platforms since 2012. Their mobile game line was launched under the trademark ToGo, and these games are designed to operate on both the iOS and Android platforms and have been very successful.

Betsoft boasts a lineup of over 150 games and they are the self-proclaimed leader in 3D slots gaming. Their slots games are the main focus of their software products but by no means the only type of game they develop. BEtsoft has developed a lineup of poker games, under their Poker3 name. These games, including Texas Hold ‘Em and Caribbean Poker, also feature the same 3D technology that has made their slots games popular. Betsoft also develops the various classic casino games – blackjack, baccarat, and more – than you might expect from a casino software company.

The defining feature of the 3D graphics employed in Betsoft’s Slots3 games is that it is claimed to be in true cinematic fashion, with realistic animations. Betsoft’s advances in 3D gaming are driven by their proprietary EXPANDICON software and their games are optimized to perform well on a large range of computers. To provide a more interesting experience for the consumer, Betsoft’s slots games come in a variety of different themes. These help to immerse the player in the gaming experience.






Betonsoft Rebranded to Saucify

Established in 2006, Betnsoft is a relative newcomer in the software development industry. With base operations in eleven different countries around the world, Betonsoft has made a name for itself. It was nominated for four eGaming Review B2B Awards in 20011, which included Software Rising Star of the Year, Innovation in RNG Casino Software, Innovation in Slot Provision, and supplier of the year. All casinos that are powered by Betonsoft software are licensed in Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles and currently five of them accept players from the United States

Betonsoft provides gaming software to casino operators, which includes easy integration into sportsbook, bingo, and poker platforms, which are also offered by Betonsoft. Betonsoft casinos offer many unique games, 24/7 customer support, progressive jackpots, loyalty programs, ad easy deposit and withdrawal methods. Casinos through Betonsoft allow for easy customization by operators.

With over 100 unique games, the suite includes such games as video poker, table games, specialty games as well as progressive games, blackjack, roulette, and poker. The sounds and 3D graphics that Betonsoft uses in making their games bar none. Players around the world can play Vegas-style games at home in high definition. Betonsoft is on a mission to continually release new games. One of their most popular games, a five-line slot game, called Break the Bank. It offers the chance to win up to 2,400 coins.

Betonsoft’s most popular games with customers include Age of Spartans, Break the Bank, Gems n Jewels, Cosmopolitan, and Diamond Dare. These are just of few of the many exciting games offered. It was reported by Betonsoft in February 2012, that its billionth game was played on its network.


Suite 203
50 Holt St
Surry Hills
NSW 2010
Tel: +612 8021 0766


Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming is a company that prides itself on offering a wide range of game titles including table games and slots. It has a wide range of online games that can fit every type of player whether the experienced or the beginner. One good thing about Big Time Gaming is that their games come in different languages— with over 20 languages that include English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Among the slot titles that players can find in their platform, including Lucy Streak, Vegas Dreams, and Temple of Fortune. Not all software developers are a huge corporation. Even some small software developers can lead the market and can serve a big audience.

Big Time Gaming may be considered one of the small entities in online games but its presence is highly felt by audiences. It provides excellent entertainment with a diverse range of games. While not an old company that has been there for decades, it has been founded by some of the experienced and highly recognized faces in the industry.

The founders of this company previously worked with different leading online game companies. Based in Sydney, it is a company that has great prospects for growth. It has shown a lot of activity in the past few years. A recent deal with Core Gaming allowed them to convert their games to be readily compatible with mobile devices.

Some of the games players can play are: the Golden Goals, Bet Victor, and the Feathered Frenzy. Feathered Frenzy Reactors is one of the leading progressive jackpots offered by the company alongside other games like the Joker Jackpot, Diamonds, and Mr. Multiplier. A game known as Auto-Roulette has seen wide popularity and increased audience in recent times.



Sydney (Main Office)
5-13 Rosebery Avenue
Rosebery NSW 2018
TEL:(02) 8345 3000
Fax:(02) 8345 3320



IGT is a company that specializes in the design, development, distribution, and sales of computerized gaming equipment. They also specialize in network sales and they have been a publicly traded company since 1981. Prior to that, IGT had been a company since the 1950s and they became eligible for going public once they developed a revolutionary new product, a video poker machine. They would be instrumental in developing Electronic Data Technologies in 1984 and would win several Senate awards in 1989. In the early ’90s the company continued to have success when it shipped its first gaming machines to a Native American Casino. Other highlights of their history include purchasing a UK online casino and developing the “Guaranteed Play” method, a new way to purchase gameplay.

A Popular IGT Game

IGT has many popular games for their customers to choose from. Perhaps one of the most popular selections would be the “Wheel of Fortune” game that has been adapted to fit the gaming mold. Like the game, players simply wager their money and spin, and sometimes the payouts can be considerable.

For all the enjoyment, fun, and excitement of online gaming, you can consider IGT first! GT exists to provide gaming adventures to individuals in a variety of electronic forms, and they have always strived to be the pioneer in this area. From the very beginning, they delivered electronic gaming to the populace, and even know they continue to do so in a variety of other mediums that would have been hard to anticipate over 30 years ago.

Additional Contacts:

Unit 1/852 Leslie Drive
North Albury NSW 2640
TEL:(02) 6040 1818
Fax:(02) 6040 2145

Tweed Heads
Unit 3 84/86 Industry Drive
Tweed Heads NSW 2486
TEL:(07) 55244450
Fax:(07) 55249838

Unit 3/72-74 Wollongong Street
Fyshwick ACT 2609
TEL:(02) 6239 2644
Fax:(02) 6239 2699

Unit 6/8 Metroplex Avenue
Murarrie QLD 4172
TEL:(07) 3890 5622
Fax:(07) 3890 5644

395 Tooronga Road
Hawthorn East VIC 3123
TEL:(03) 9281 3400
Fax: (03) 03 9822 5157

223 Waymouth St
Adelaide 5000
TEL:(08) 8231 8430
Fax:(08) 8231 8432







Thunderkick is based in Stockholm and is known for producing high-quality games which are targeted toward a wide range of audiences. Thunderkick is a very young company as it was founded in 2014. The company holds a Maltese gaming license to ensure that players are legally able to play their games. Thunderkick’s games are highly interactive and feature a full visual experience. All of their games are developed in 3d for those who love beautiful graphics. The development of the slot games is done in-house by Thunderkick in order to create the best experience possible for players. Their goal is to change the user experience of playing games in an online casino environment.

Thunderkick has a portfolio of 11 different slot games. One of the games for which Thunderkick is known is called Arcader, which is essentially a video slot. This game features a very futuristic sci-fi theme. It can be played online for free in a simulated mode for fun, or downloaded as a mobile application. Arcader is featured by many different online casinos in Malta and UK because it is a hit with players.

Arcader offers plenty of bonuses and potential prize payouts. Those who are are lucky enough will be able to get an expansion. An expansion is a feature which allows players to win prizes from vertical spins provided they match one of the game’s paylines. This can result in a big win of 19.00 EUR or more from just one spin. Aside from the bonuses and prizes, the game has a very futuristic voice and bright colors which add to the spaceship-like feel of the game.


Real Time Gaming

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998, the Realtime Gaming Company is an online casino business that creates software for casinos that can be downloaded by the casino customers. As of 2007, it was bought by Hastings International in Curacao in the Netherlands and all of its development was moved from Georgia to Costa Rica.

Real Time Gaming Software Features

The Real Time Gaming Company lets its casino operators choose between a payout type of setting for their various games and slots machines, as well as some of its casino operators choosing a progressive jackpot that has the winnings pooled from all of the casinos that use those specific games or slots.

The slot machines that use a progressive type of jackpot can be designed to offer tiered and random progressive jackpots which can be tied to a specific, local casino or be tied to a group of casinos that are owned by the same operator. The games can be configured so the jackpots are on a per game basis, or it can group games together so that it all gets put together to become a shared locally won jackpot.

RTG provides tools and needed security for players, owners

They specialize in providing their casinos with the tools needed to operate online gaming sites and these can be used to keep real-time account of all of their users’ play online. Their software is rated as being one of the fastest in the business and the most reliable and has the most realistic play. Plus it is considered easy to download and play.

Best of all it has 128-bit encryption for all of its transactions, thus providing the best security for players. They have games such as video poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. Their games are all Technical System Testing (TST) certified.

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