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/ / Gateway Casino In Canada Chooses Wasaga Beach For its New Gaming Venue

Gateway Casino In Canada Chooses Wasaga Beach For its New Gaming Venue

April 10, 2019 6990 0
Gateway Casino In Canada Chooses Wasaga Beach For its New Gaming Venue

Gateway Casino and Entertainment have announced that it has officially decided and chose the location of its new gambling venue in Wasaga Beach. The gambling operator has issued such information this week, by revealing that the new casino is going to be in the vicinity of the Mosley Street Roundabout. The operator expects that the new location for its casino is going to manage to attract the most substantial amount of players from neighboring communities, as well as Wasaga.

Careful Evaluation and a Decisive Choice

Last week on Thursday was the day that marked the arrival of the long-awaited announcement to Wasaga Beach. The casino operator made that decision after a thorough and detailed evaluation that carefully examined the five proposed casino sites. The assessment considered all of the different factors, which resulted in the choosing of the well-known roundabout to be their choice of the new casino venue. Even before the evaluation, everyone knew that the casino had eyed the location, and it was most likely to be the future gaming operating venue of the Gateway Casino, thanks to its strong potential.

The Official Decision of Gateway Casino

The area that the casino chose has a total area of 7.5 acres. The land lot is at the west end of Wasaga Beach, which is in one of the most important cities and communities zones of the Wasaga town. It is near a road that would provide a constant flow of possible casino players, Highway 26, which also offers easy access to the gaming venue. The location is also in the vicinity of another prosperous part of the Wasaga Beach area, Beachwood Drive.

The Beachfront area was one of the viable places that the casino was considering when it was still looking for a location for its new venue, which is according to the other local businesses that operate in this lively area of town. The casino started to look into the proposed options by the City Council in October. Since then, many speculations have been circling. The mayor, Nina Bifolchi, stated that the local city officials welcome this announcement and that it is the time to proceed with the next logical step in this project.

Since the operator announced the area of the new construction, the provincial government is going to get a chance to have a say and give the approval on the project. Only after such approvals, the construction work on the site can start. According to projections, that could happen as soon as in a few weeks according to the previous timeline that the casino releases, the construction would begin in the summer.  The grand opening date should be around 2020.

What Will the Local Community Expect?

The gaming venue is going to get the local employment market a fantastic push. The reason behind that is that it will need more than 150 people to work at a variety of positions. The casino is going to start conducting interviews in the months ahead of the official launch of the casino operations.

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