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/ / New Zealand’s ASA Publishes New Code of Conduct for Gambling Ads

New Zealand’s ASA Publishes New Code of Conduct for Gambling Ads

April 26, 2019 6579 0
New Zealand’s ASA Publishes New Code of Conduct for Gambling Ads

The ASA of New Zealand Publishes New Code of Conduct

The New Zealand ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) released a new code for the gambling advertisements in the country. The new code of conduct focuses on the protection of young people, children and vulnerable players from the harms of gambling. The new law by the ASA is going to apply on advertisements of gambling venues and products, as well as ads about placing wagers on sporting or racing events.

The ASA Codes Committee developed a new code of conduct. While developing it, it received input from agencies, media company representatives, advertisers as well as public bodies. It also carried out a consultation with several organizations from the industry as well as public sectors. The new code is going to become in effect in New Zealand starting on the 5th of August of this year. On the other hand, the operators in New Zealand will have until the 4th of November of the same year to make sure that their ads are compliant with the ASA’s new code of conduct.

The ASA Comments on the New Codes

The Chief Executive of the ASA, Hilary Souter stated that reviewing as well as updating the codes is one of the essential cornerstones of the ASA’s work in New Zealand. She also added that it is great for New Zealand to have a new GAC (Gambling Advertising Code) in place so that it can support responsible ads to its consumers. The codes explain and set out how operators should create their real money casinos gambling ads, and that they need to have high standards when it comes to social responsibility. The responsibility is towards both, the society and community as well as the players. The codes indicate that no gambling advertisements should target children under the age of fourteen, as well as young people up to eighteen years old, on purpose. Therefore, the operators should make sure that their advertisements do not have any content that might appear to the younger crowd. It also includes the location and the time of these ads, so they do not appear to children.

The New Code and Its New Rules

The code states that these ads should not represent or portray anything likely to, case or condone harm from gambling. It also should not promote gaming as a way of improving the financial situation of people, or to relieve their personal or professional difficulties.

The ads also should not misrepresent the severe financial risk that gambling is associated with, and it should not imply or state any promise of winning, nor portray any unrealistic outcomes from gambling winnings. The ASA also advised the operator not to make any statements or claims in their ads regarding the chances of winning, unless these claims are factual and that they can prove them. They should also not imply that the players’ skill can influence and affect the outcome unless that is true. Last but not least, all of the adverts have to include the T&C or at least a reference that shows where players can find them. They have to be clear, and easy to understand and they should not contradict the content of the advertisement.

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