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When it comes to innovation in casino gaming, NextGen has been on the list as a trendsetter since 1999. With the use of cutting edge technology and the expertise of more than a decade of producing popular games, they are unmatched. NYX Gaming Group is the sole owner of the subsidiary NextGen Gaming. They are regulated and licensed in Gibraltar by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom.

Their headquarters are located in the United Kingdom where they have more than fifty staff members dedicated to the development of the next big thing in casino gambling. They partner with Software businesses, brick and mortar operations, and online operators, both locally and internationally.

The General Manager of NextGen Gaming is Hamish Brown, who sets the agenda for providing the platform of products for its clients which they call partners. In addition, his role is to deliver games that perform, are profitable, have engaging player features and meet client deadlines. This aligns with the mission of building partnerships for long-term projects. Under his direction, the structure in which this is achieved is driven by five teams. The teams consist of Partner Management, Game Innovation, Software Integration, Product Development, and Project Management.

The first team is Partner Management which has the role of direct liaison with a collaborative framework. They ensure the give and take feedback within the partnership is seamless and produces the end results of the client’s vision. In addition, they are tasks with keeping the clients informed about the status on the progress for their projects.

The Game Innovation Team is responsible for the deliverables in game concepts and the client’s vision. This means taking the ideas slated with each game project submitted and driving it to a finished product, which is passed on to the development side of the initiative. They are considered the forward-thinking component at NextGen Gaming always poised to push the envelope in the player experience.

The Software Integration Team has the capacity of taking the information and blueprint from the Game Innovation Team and providing workable solutions. This means incorporating the features the client wants into a framework which provides a polished end-user experienced. They along with the Partner Management Team work closely at the beginning of each endeavor with the client to lock down the particulars for each game.

The team with the biggest onus is product development. Their role builds on every aspect created by the client, the Game Innovation Team and Software Integration Team to realize the deliverable product. They use communication in the form of collaborative feedback with the Partner Management team throughout every step of the process once it hits the development stage. NextGen is known for its game development agility and responsiveness at the behest of clients.

The Project Management Team of NextGen Gaming has the responsibility of pulling all the stages together in a timely and seamless process. They are known for meeting all the detailed client requests in a professional manner as they allow for the necessary flexibility in a project such as a casino game development. With a reputation of delivering stellar projects on budget, NextGen Gaming continues to drive its brand as the leader in the industry.

A mention of a few of the most popular NextGen games includes the wildly popular Medusa which has five reels and twenty-five lines. The storyline and features that made it a success catapulted the game to a sequel. With its plot and the bevy of characters and objects, it sometimes feels more like a video game than a reel slots machine. While players are drawn in with hair made up of snakes and the abundance of bonuses, makes this exciting for gamers and profitable for casino clients. The sequel Medusa II has added new features that enhance play with reels that lock and wilds that are stacked. The 3D feature has been upgraded for a captivating player experience which translates into longer engagement time.

Judge Dredd is another NextGen game that went viral in the casino gaming world. It also has five reels and twenty-five lines with a plot that has players engulfed with action. The 3D features along with the music bring home the look and feel of this game. The bonuses and payouts deliver what gamers are looking for.

Casinos and players will continue to be wowed by the innovation produced in the NextGen Gaming brand. They are always looking for ways to raise the bar with casino games that play more like video games with features and performance that is captivating.

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© Copyright 2018-2020. Best Online Casinos Guide 2020.