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/ / Ontario To Make Online Gambling and Drinking Easier for its Residents

Ontario To Make Online Gambling and Drinking Easier for its Residents

April 22, 2019 6676 0
Ontario To Make Online Gambling and Drinking Easier for its Residents

The government of Ontario seems to be making it easier for its residents to gamble, drink or even both at the same time. It is achieving that by sweeping changes in the first budget of Premier Doug Ford. The changes will see that the bars will be able to serve liquor to their patrons starting from nine in the morning, on every day of the week. They will also be able to advertise their happy hour promos. As for casinos, they will be able to give their customer free alcoholic drinks. In addition to all that, the municipalities are going to permit public drinking in public spaces such as parks.

Ontario’s PCs outlining the plan to Balance the Budget of the Province

The government of Ontario is implementing the promise it once made to allow box stores and convenience stores to sell wine and beer. It also seems that it is trying to lower beer prices at the legion halls. Alcohol Reform is something that the Ontarians long-desired, that was in the Progressive Conservative (PC) budget documents that it released recently. It also stated that the government is committing to respecting its adult customers, and that is by trusting them to make the responsible choices that are best for them. Vic Fedeli, the Finance Minister, seems to have brushed off the questions regarding the social impacts of the increased and easy access to alcohol. A reporter asked why is drinking at 9.00 am is a priority of the government, and the minister answered that they could trust the Ontarian families to make the right choice.

Ford’s Government Also Seeking to Legalize Internet Gambling

The residents of Ontario spend more than $500 million every year on online gambling, according to the PC Budget. Most of the cash that they spend goes to offshore and illegal websites. Therefore the PCs are planning to create a legal market to govern as well as tax these sites.

Loosening the Alcohol Laws Is a Key Theme for Ford’s Administration

It seems that alcohol and loosening its laws has been a priority of the premier’s government. One of the trademark campaigns promised to lower the prices of beer to be $1. The residents of Ontario spend more than 1.6 million dollars on 76,000 cases of buck-a-beers. There aren’t many breweries that still offer buck-a-beers all year long, but some have it as a promotion on holidays and weekends.

John Fraser, The Interim Liberal leader, likened Ford to the character of Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused. He also added that they have been talking about alcohol for almost the entire duration of the government. Fraser then said that his daughter asked of Ford believes himself to be Premier Wooderson because of his attention to alcohol and partying. John Fraser added that he does not understand the obsession that the government has with alcohol. He finished the statement by saying that changes to the laws that regulate liquor should become a priority after they address and take care of other significant issues including education and health care.

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