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/ / Players Will Not Be Able to Cancel Self Exclusion Periods – Says Swedish Court

Players Will Not Be Able to Cancel Self Exclusion Periods – Says Swedish Court

March 6, 2019 8040 0
Players Will Not Be Able to Cancel Self Exclusion Periods – Says Swedish Court

The Linköping’s Administrative Court in Sweden has made a ruling that state that Swedish players will not be able to end the self-exclusion periods before the agreed period is carried out. The verdict was a result of a challenge by a player. The player tried to remove himself from the self-exclusion database of the country, the Spelpaus, before the end of the self-exclusive period. After the Spelpaus rejected removing them from the self-exclusion database, they took the case to court. On the other hand, the Administrative Court, the Linköping, ruled that if any player can voluntarily remove themselves from the database and end their self-exclusion suspension, it is going to undermine the entire purpose of the Spelpaus, and this is why it rejected and ruled against that claim.

The Spelpaus –Swedish Self-Exclusion Solution

Spelpaus made its debut on the 1st of January, which coincided with the opening of the newly regulated Swedish iGaming market. It gives Swedish players the ability to self-exclude themselves for one, three or even six months, or until another notice. Swedish players are required to register their BankID, and then they become unable to access any iGaming gambling sites for the period that they choose. The gaming operators will also remove all of the details of these players from their marketing databases for the same period.

The players who choose to self-exclude themselves until further notice will not be able to access iGaming websites for a year at least, and after that period they will be able to remove the deliberate exclusion through the site of the Spelpaus. Early last February, the gambling regulator for the Swedish market, revealed that there are more than twenty-thousand players have registered their name in the self-excluding scheme so they can prevent themselves from gambling.

The Swedish regulator has moved fast so that it can ensure that all of the licensees are complying with the requirements to integrate with Spelpaus. It will enable them to check every Swedish player and compare it against the database to make sure that they are not targeting players who are excluding themselves. Since then, the Swedish Regulator issued a warning that it will impose hefty penalties on licensees who are not complying, and warning that repeat offenders are at risk of losing their license.

LeoVegas AB Acquires another License in Sweden

After its iGaming license for its home market last November, it has managed to acquire another same license for its subsidiary, Pixel Digital Limited., whose HQ is in Stockholm released an official press statment to detail its new permit. The press release stated that it had acquired a 5-year license that would allow its original site to provide the Swedish players with a wide array of sports wagering services.

The CEO of Pixel Digital Ltd., Eirik Kristiansen, stated that his company is hoping to grow its new site for it to become one of the leading brands in the eSports industry for players across Scandinavia before launching it internationally.

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