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The popular video game software developer known as Playtech is responsible for some of the best selling video casino games and online casino games. This article discusses some interesting information about Playtech’s company. The company has several locations throughout the world.

They have had an interesting history since their inception back in 1999. There will also be a short discussion on some of the newest and most innovative games they have developed over the years.

Playtech’s Location and Goals

Playtech has an interesting location for its headquarters. It is located on a self-governing island known as the Isle of Man. It is sometimes called Mann. Even though the island is self-governing it is still considered part of Great Britain. The Isle of Man is situated between Great Britain and Ireland. It is surrounded by the Irish Sea.

Their headquarters are on the Isle of Mann, but the company doesn’t stop there, Playtech is host to approximately 3,600 employees. However, they are scattered across the world. Their employees work in over a dozen centers that focus on the development of new games and technology for their large fan base. The development centers are located in the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel, Gibraltar, Russia, and the Philippines.

Playtech employs developers and software engineers, of course, but they also have their own departments set up for client and business relations. They have their own marketing personnel and even their own CRM service. This makes Playtech nearly a self-contained, self-sufficient business model.

Playtech employs several types of goals at the same time. They have business to business services with their partner developers. Their business to consumer services gives their company maximum exposure. They even have business to government relationships. In their business, to government relationships, they are able to provide assistance and development to government facilities.

A Brief History of Playtech

Playtech started as collaboration when industry experts in software, multimedia, and gambling got together and formed the company in Estonia. The company was formed in 1999. In 2001, after only two years they received their first gambling license. Then, in 2006 they became a publicly traded company and saw exposure in Italy, Estonia, Spain and elsewhere. In today’s market, they are the world’s leading gaming software provider. This was, of course, only after many acquisitions of other companies occurred and after they acquired a top-notch staff.

Industry Firsts

Playtech has been a pioneer in their industry with new gaming techniques for casinos and online players. Their creativity and ingenuity have come a long way. Recently, in early 2015, Playtech announced a new series of games. This new type of game is a Virtual Sports game that has never been done before in this industry. It will allow players to gamble on virtual reality sports games.

The reason this is new to the industry is not that of what it is. It is because of the quality it provides to the playing experience. Playtech’s Virtual Sports uses motion picture industry quality filming techniques. They filmed real places and used real athletes to create the Virtual Sports games. The games come in a wide variety. They include football, tennis, horse racing, greyhound racing and many more. The availability of games is also diverse. They are available on mobile devices, online, satellite and in many other ways.

Playtech Online Casinos

Ever since it first came to be, Playtech has been an interesting company to watch. Their software for online casino gaming is well known and presented on most platforms. They can be seen in several casinos all over the world. They employ people in centers in twelve different countries and have a mostly self-reliant business model. They’re real innovators in their industry. In fact, with the release of Virtual Sports, they aim to remain that way. Play tech started as a collaboration of serious professionals in the software and gambling industries. Today, it is much more than that. It is an enterprise.

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© Copyright 2018-2020. Best Online Casinos Guide 2020.