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/ / South Huron To Attract Casino Gambling Venue and Complex

South Huron To Attract Casino Gambling Venue and Complex

February 25, 2019 7606 0
South Huron To Attract Casino Gambling Venue and Complex

The expansion of casinos has always been a quest for the Canadian provinces, as different communities accept and welcome casinos and gambling operations because of its many benefits. Grand Bend is one of the latest Canadian towns that might be welcoming a new casino venue on its soil. Such a thing could happen if the views of the city and the development side of the casino operator align on the same target.

The City Council of South Huron to Attract New Casino Venue

The council of South Huron, where the town of Grand Bend lies, made it quite clear recently that they are interested in hosting a casino venue in the future. They believe that such a move will have beneficial allocations for the city coffer on a year to year basis. Everybody knows that gambling casinos and gambling operations often make their way into specific regions where they need an economic boost, as a new casino gambling venue is sure to attract thousands of individuals and businesses, and many working opportunities. The regular allocations that the gambling venue is going to generate will be used for a wide array of projects across the local community and will provide a boost for overall improvement.

Potential Casino Venue would benefit the City

George Finch, the Mayor of South Huron, stated that the Grand Bend area has all the potentials it needs to attract a big crown, which is the reason why the city council has taken specific actions in that direction. The initial step of the process is to probe the field, and research the general attitude regarding developing in this region. The council of South Huron has started the conversations, and it is currently in several talks with the gambling officials that might have an interest in building a casino gambling venue in the Grand Bend area.

Some of the biggest casino operators and developers could express their interest in building a casino, and this is because of the environmental potential that the Grand Bend area has. For example, Lake Huron is one of the most attractive and hottest spots in the area, and more than thousands of people make their way there regularly because of how beautiful it is. Plus that, many premium beaches in the summertime attract a lot of people, as well as different activities for those who have an interest in extreme sports like paddle-boarding, skydiving, and parasailing.

Casino Venues in Close-by Locations

Currently, there are three different gambling venues in the regions that have a steady flow of customers. OLG Slots at the Clinton Raceway premises is around thirty miles from Grand Bend, and this is why they don’t need to worry about the cannibalization of the local field. Gateway Casinos London is also not close, 45 miles away, in the southeast of the town, and there is also the Jackpot City Bingo Hall in Sarnia as well as the Gateway Casino Point Edward casino that attracts players from Michigan and Ontario.

The local government is a part of the conversation as the operation of the new casino would require a license. The council also added that the safety of the players is of the highest priority. The new casino venue’s entertainment complex could have a variety of offerings like slot machines, table games, as well as a hotel tower with high-quality accommodation

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