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/ / UK Gambling Commission Releases New Framework for Studying Gambling Harm

UK Gambling Commission Releases New Framework for Studying Gambling Harm

May 5, 2019 6589 0
UK Gambling Commission Releases New Framework for Studying Gambling Harm

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission which monitors and regulates gambling in Wales, Scotland and England has laid a new framework. The new Framework aims to measure the harm of gambling among young people and children. At the same time, the industry watchdog has issued a reminder to all of the UK operators regarding the new rules that cover identity and age verification that will become effective soon. The new Framework is going to cover all types of harm that has an association with gambling at a young age. The new structure is a result of a collaboration between Ipsos MORI, the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling, GambleAware and the UKGC.

The New Framework by the UKGC

The new Framework is going to split the possible harm into four different domains. These domains are finance, relationship, development, and health. The Framework is going to use a variety of methods through which they will cover these issues with input from a variety of people. They include the gambling industry’s professionals, the young people and those who have experience with working with the young crowd.

Ipsos MORI was able to develop the Framework and the questions from the opinions that it recorded during the expert workshop. It was with the professionals in the industry as well as the youth workers. These questions will be a part of the Young Person’s Omnibus, which is an annual survey that includes participants from a school age, all across the United Kingdom. The results coming from such study are going to be available later in 2019

What Will the UKGC Do With the Results?

Once the data from such a survey is collected, the UKGC aside its partners will work as a group. They are going to see which questions were the most effective when it comes to the monitoring of young people and children who are engaged in gambling activities. The UK regulator is going to present these questions to eleven to sixteen-year-olds on an annual basis to be able to establish the level of harm from gambling in that group. The new Framework and the report come only after a week after the UKGC published a new National Strategy that aims to reduce the gambling harms.

The new strategy had a specific focus on education and prevention efforts and ways to enhance support and treatment. The director of safer gambling of the UKGC, Helen Rhodes, stated that obtaining a better understanding of the gambling impact on children and the young people is the main key priority for the UKGC. She also added that this new Framework is going to provide the commission with critical insight into the great range of harms that the young people in Britain can experience. It will also help in concentrating the efforts of educations and prevention where they will have the best impact.

The Research and Evaluation director of GambleAware, Clare Wyllie, added that the initial Framework has a design that would help focus and guide research. It would also promote action to reduce gambling harms to young people and children.

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